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Fashion Film / Benjamin Benmoyal FWS22 (2021)

A woman walks without stopping, in a sort of pilgrimage inside the volcanic island of Tenerife.
To portray this journey I took as an inspiration the women from the island that in the 1800s had to walk long distances to transport water to places of Tenerife that were isolated. The main character of the film is a strong and modern woman, submerged in impressive natural spaces and elements of the classic canary islands' imaginary to create a symbolic contrast between tradition and evolution.


Produced by Hiersoir @hiersoir.tv
Director & Photographer | Raquel San Nicolás @raquelsannicolas
Model @queen_sokhna

Producers |
Yoel Servadio @yoel_servadio
Caroline Hélaine @caroline_helaine
Anne-Cécile Jemin @annececile_jemin

Cinematographer | Edouard Le Grelle @edlegrelle
Line producer | Rachel Roncin @rachelrncn
Music composer | David Spinelli @davspinelli
1AC | Patrick Nishimwe @patricknishimwe
Makeup | Vanessa Frías @loveispuremakeup
Digital Assistant | Olivier Gallien @olivier_gallien
Location manager | Jesús San Nicolás @jsannicolas2

Edit | Florian Julia @florian__julia
Color grading | Marine Surble @marinesurble @filmsduperiscope

Make up / Hair | Ellada @elladasatoueva
Light | Ella Bats @ella_bats
Digital Assistant | Olivier Gallien @olivier_gallien

Film development by Studio L’equipe
Metallic object by Ciriaco Barrios

Special thanks to Ayuntamiento de La Matanza de Acentejo | PapayaNaranja Films papaya.orange @omar_papaya | @parisfashionweek

Music video  / Anna Majidson (2021)

Directed by Raquel San Nicolás
Produced by HIERSOIR @hiersoir.tv

@annamajidson as Herself
@eugeniemusic as Natasha

@tamarbaruchofficial as the mother
Christophe Querry as the father
@lucasbleger as the uncle

And friends
Naomi Salabi
Sofiane Hedj
Alice Kayitalire
Amara Ait Idir

Cinematography | @juramirezh
Producers | @yoël_servadio, @caroline_helaine, @annececile_jemin
Production coordinator | @n_jbrt
Production assistant | @rachelrncn
1st assistant director | @q_dub_dub
2nd assistant director | @stephan_jafo
VHS images | Mike Magidson

Set designers | @castay.s
Set designer assistant | @antoine.meffrechol
Steadicam operator | @adam_gulbol_
1st AC | @gustinguillaume
2nd AC | @theochemist
Gaffer | Silvain Gabayet
Electricians | @isthissamson, @mathbordat
Key grip | @oktawa.m
Grip | @faustin_charneau
Sound engineer | Elodie Thevenin
Location manager | @_newik
Managers | @steffybeckett, @louis_shndr, @quentin_leonard

Casting director | @mayogh
Casting assistant | @yasminelopezzz
Choregraphy | @andnose

Stylist | @dinaeft
Assistant stylist | @sabina_gz
Make up & hair | @alice.sauer, @odesiamakeup

Editor & VFX | @vincentfleischmann
Assistant editor | Yanjun Zhou
Colorist | @marinesurble | @filmsduperiscope
Storyboarder | @evamaiart
Mix sound design | @damn_blase

Special thanks to | @rvzparis, @kinou.cinematographer.agency (John), Michel Bazinet (Scouting Location, Blandine & Isabelle Lesueur)